“As a curious person who is basically open to new things and impulses, I was captivated by the digital world. I only came to graphic design, and all my varied activities in this field, later in my career. I was fascinated by the many new possibilities it opened up and decided to devote myself more to it. This enabled new opportunities for me to express my creativity and aesthetics. It always inspires me to create the right framework for specific content, a message or a product and to give it the right "face" in order to make it more apparent and comprehensible for the viewer.”

POS: Displays/ Window Decoration

Luxury Brand Christmas Window Decoration
Chantelle/ Falke Window deco “AFRIKA“
Cindy Crawford Perfume POS
Max Mara - Floor Display
Mexx Fragrance WATERLOVE - POS
Tom Tailor BODYTALK, Fragrance - POS
Biagiotti Due - POS
Puma - POS
NC/ Paradise Passion - POS
Christina Aguilera - Floor Display


Gift packagings for different brands

Key-Visuals/ Posters/ Flyer/ Folder

LAURA Parfum Key-Visual
Kenzo Le Parfum, German launch
Mexx Summerhighlight/ Key-Visual
Mexx SH - Scent card and press photos
NC SUNSET, Parfum - Scent card
REDGEN Incentive trip
DKV Assurance sesonal posters
FINANZ DOCK - Image brochure

Cover/ Book/ Booklets

Various music CD cover/ booklet
Crime book series

Typography illustration/ Logos

Cover for The Unusual Dictionary Series
Publisher logo
LUTZ HEG.COM - production management